SE EVA 50 – 180 Tonne

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag’s new SEEV-A advanced all-electric injection molding machines are available in five model sizes from 50 – 180 Tonnes (500 to 1800 kN). Providing the highest levels of precision, energy efficiency and molding stability, this new series advances zero-defect molding capabilities with machine setup and performance optimization that takes full advantage of the latest Z-Molding system and NC-10 Control.

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag Exclusive Technologies

The SEEV-A Series combines numerous exclusive technologies that can only be found on Sumitomo Demag all-electric injection molding machines.

  • A new technology called S-MOVE replaces multi-step mold open/close speed settings with an algorithm-optimized speed pattern that is faster and smoother (less vibration). This, combined with the SEEV-A’s fast clamp open/close speeds up to 47.24 in/s (1200 mm/s), can significantly shorten cycle times.
  • Z-Molding’s Flow Front Control (FFC) system, now with selectable Auto Setting, achieves complete and balanced filling with reduced injection pressure. FFC takes advantage of the energy in the flow front of the resin to complete filling in an even fashion as opposed to forcing material into open areas and thus flashing the areas that were already filled.
  • Z-Molding’s Minimum Clamping Molding (MCM) system reduces clamp force requirements and ensures optimized venting of gases and flash-free molding. MCM allows the machine to automatically detect the minimum point at which the mold halves are completely parallel (mold touch) and defines the threshold where flash-free molding can occur and the optimum point at which the best cavity venting occurs.
  • Z-Molding’s Simple Process Setting (SPS) system provides fast, guided setup, ease of use and machine optimization.

The SEEV-A is equipped with the NC-10 control which has been improved with a wider viewing angle and increased touchscreen sensitivity.

Additionally, the revolutionary SL screw assembly is selectable as a standard option on the SEEV-A Series. This innovative plasticizing system reduces shear heat, improves molding stability, prevents burn spots and stagnation of the melt in the barrel, and allows exceptionally fast color and/or resin change-out.

Specifications and Design Features

The SEEV-A delivers high performance across a wide range of applications with specifications and design features that include:

  • Sumitomo’s advanced motor technology for high injection power (torque) and velocity, with injection speeds up to 500 mm/s and injection and matching hold pressures up to 41,191 psi (2897 kgf/cm2)
  • A high-contact-force (nozzle touch) system, with selectable settings of 4.5, 5.6 and 6.7 tons, that is equal to a hydraulic or hybrid machine and ensures compatibility with various mold types (hot runner, cold runner, floating sprue bushings, etc.)
  • Bushing-free tie bars that keep the mold area clean and free of grease, making the SEEV-A ideally suited for medical molding applications
  • The new linear guidance system is supplied as a standard feature to ensure that even heavy molds open and close smoothly and parallelism is maintained
  • The Center Press Platen design reduces surface pressure inconsistencies inside the mold
  • The Clamp Force Feedback Control system automatically compensates for any thermal expansion of the mold

Energy Efficient Operation

The SEEV-A delivers exceptional energy efficiency due to:

  • A new selectable Energy Saving Control setting for power consumption reduction during the holding pressure portion of the cycle
  • Sumitomo-built motors with exceptionally low rotational resistance
  • Decreased friction in the linear guidance system
  • Decreased friction through the use of bush-less tie bars
  • An innovative barrel design with improved heat efficiency
  • An exclusive toggle linkage lock-up mechanism that uses no electricity to hold the clamp closed

Rapid Return on Investment

Productivity factors contributing to the rapid ROI of the SEEV-A Series include:

  • Significant energy savings due to exceptionally energy efficient, low-inertia motors and low-friction design improvements
  • Reduced water and grease use
  • Faster start-up
  • Reduced scrap
  • Faster cycle times
  • Reduced downtime
  • Quick mold change
  • Minimized preventive maintenance
  • Ability for unmanned and lights out operation

The SEEV-A is backed by a comprehensive Customer Satisfaction Program with Sumitomo (SHI) Demag’s standard-setting warranty program, worry-free parts, responsive field service and financing availability – plus advantages such as expert processing assistance.