HOP Five Series

450, 550, 650, 750, 900, 1000

There are six members of the HOP Five Series, ranging from the smaller HOP Five-450 to the larger HOP Five-1000. In this range, the number relates to the length of the vertical stroke (in millimetres) rather than the size of the moulding machine.

To free up your valuable floor space, all members of the HOPV family neatly include all of their control and power circuitry within the main body casing.


30 – 50 Tonnes Clamping Force

clamping force

50 – 90 degree Swing Angle

Robot swing direction (operator side and rear side) and swing angle (within a specified range) can be freely specified.

The take-out waiting position of the chuck can be manually set to any desired position.

Adjustable Stroke

The vertical stroke and kick stroke can be set to any desired length.

G-II Controller

Compatible with this robot

Yushin Linear Rail Guide Section

Our own proprietary low-resistance Yushin linear rail mechanism is used in the guide rail section.