Formech’s 508FS (Floor-Standing) machine offers significant advantages over the desktop series with pre-stretch, auto-level and a much more powerful flow rate for demanding applications.

Intuitive, graphically driven touch-screen control with memory function makes the 508FS very easy to use, whilst powerful forming capabilities provide extensive project versatility. Higher wattage Quartz heaters (vs. 508DT) further enhance the 508FS capability.


4″ Mono HMI /PLC Interface with Memory Function
Mitsubishi integrated PLC/HMI with 4″ mono touch screen control and 20 programmable presets.

Pre-stretch enables the user to pump air into the heated sheet, creating a bubble to avoid thinning of material with deeper tools.

Avoids material sag during the heating cycle and maintains an even distance between heater and sheet whilst providing the user with an audible indication the material is ready to form.

Quartz Heaters with Variable Standby
Quartz heaters have the benefit of a rapid response and high efficiency resulting in time and energy savings.

4 Independently Controllable Heating Zones
Four heating zones and quartz heaters provide rapid heat response with a greater range of control to form challenging shapes and materials

Vacuum & Release
After the formed part has cooled, air is forced between the mould and the sheet to help it release.

Vacuum Gauge
A visual indication of consistent vacuum pressure being applied (pressure in Hg / bar).

Dry rotary vane pump 10m3 / hr
Oil free and requires minimal maintenance

Technical Specs

Forming area (mm/inches)
482 x 432mm / 19 x 17″
Sheet Size (mm/inches)
508 x 457mm / 20 x 18″
Max depth of draw
290mm / 11.5″
Max Material Thickness
6mm / 0.25″
Heating Zones
Heater type
757mm / 29.8″
1140mm / 44.9″
1474mm / 58″
125kg / 275lbs
Single Phase Power Requirements
Europe – 3 Phase Power Requirements
USA – 3 Phase Power Requirements
Power Consumption
Air Requirements
80 PSI/5 bar


Reducing Windows
Reduces forming area to utilize smaller sheets of material and minimize wastage. Standard or custom size.

Cooling Fan System
Overhead gantry and single 125W fan to cool formed material and shorten cycles times.

Reel Feed Unit
Assembly to hold reel materials. Suitable for the Formech 300XQ, 508DT, 508FS and 686.

Starter Pack of Plastic
Mobility with Castors
6 locking wheels allow you to safely move the machine from one area to another.

Vacuum Receiver Tank
A vacuum tank that provides instant stored vacuum, for high demanding materials and shortening cycle times.

Spare parts kit
A consumable parts kit typically including seals, elements, filter, fuses, toggle clamps.